30th October 2016

Hey again,

Unfortunatly this is not a good week. I have put on 8lbs so now 16st 2lbs. This is not good especially since I have been making such good progress heath wise.

One good thing though is that my healthy eating is a lot better. I am now drinking more juice and no more sugary drinks. I do not eat cake and chocolate anymore and my crisp consumption has reduced dramatically.

One thing that I do need to do is get back to working out more, Although I was sick I cannot really use that as an excuse, I could have done workouts at home, even just moving around more.

I am going to add my photos in a bit. I will show my weight loss over the past month Although altogether this month I have lost 8 pounds overall I think that my waistline has slimmed down.

Hope everyone is doing great!


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