Starting Again

Hello all, 

I know many followers will be wondering what has happened to me the same few weeks. It is safe to say that depression has gotten the better of me. I have been feeling very lonely and deserted so publishing posts has been the last thing on my mind.

I have given myself a good talking to and decided that it has to stop. Now that I am a year older (my birthday was last week). I have realised that I need to either change my life properly and ho for it 100% or just not bother. The way that things were going it was just a matter of time until my life changed for the worst. 

That is why I am staring again today and getting myself back on track food,  exercise and mental health wise. I am actually writing this now while I am in the gym on the exercise bikes lol. I am going to do my new photos and weigh in this Sunday and go back to my usual routine. 

I am sorry that it has taken so long but hopefully this was the kick in the ass that I needed! 


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