New year new challenge

Hey everyone, 

I have been improving on my exercise over the last few days. I now try and go everyday after work or in the evening if I’m not. It has been difficult to get the momentum going but I feel that I have been succeeding and my confidence is growing. 

It is growing so much that I have decided to try a new machine which I pictured. The step machine did look daunting to me when I first saw it on the day that I came to the gym but today I am proud to say that I tried it out! Granted I was only able to do 15 minutes in 5 minute sets but I am happy that I did. Especially when I found that five minutes on the stepper is 50 calories burnt. Would have to be on the exercise bike 3 times as long to burn that much. 

Another thing which has surprised me is that the gym is actually a nice place to be. I dunno why I thought it would be snobby with health nuts making fun of me but actually it isn’t. Everyone just gets on with what they’re doing and it is really inspiring to see so many bigger and older people here too. Not trying to sound patronising but I feel if they can do it so can I in my 20s.

Cant wait to do my weigh in on Sunday and I hope your fitness journeys are going well too! 


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