Hey everyone, 

I know this isn’t diet related but I feel that I need to vent my frustration out. Is it just me but why does everyone like to give you their opinions when you haven’t asked them for it? 

Seriously this is my problem which I found was an issue especially within my family. They love to tell me what to do and what I shouldn’t do. It really pisses me off to the point where I just don’t do anything. They always have issues which what I’m wearing, eating, doing, etc. I didn’t move to London because they told me not to, never got my hair done because they didn’t like it, didn’t do anything practically because they had problems. 

Over time I realised that me being happy was what mattered. When I finally did my hair they had problems but I did not care, everyone else really liked it. I decided to wear what I wanted, had fun the way I wanted and finally I was living. I was happy for once when I was away from the them. 

I’ve decided not to do what they want. Me being happy is what is important. I’m gonna live my life and I am going to love it! 


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